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CISMA2021丨China International Sewing Exhibition ended perfectly, Yueming Laser returned with praise and reward

2022-09-29 author : Han's Yueming Laser

On August 1, the China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show came to a successful conclusion in Ningbo International Convention & Exhibition Center. As one of the most famous and professional exhibitions in the global sewing machinery industry, it is still unprecedented despite the impact of the epidemic. Yueming Laser Group presented a splendid feast of laser intelligent manufacturing technology for global guests.

Yueming Laser focuses on the urgent needs of the current sewing industry transformation and upgrading, and presents the outstanding achievements and great strength in the sewing field. All the displayed top-sale equipment, as well as the laser intelligent flexible complete solutions, fully demonstrated the ingenuity and wisdom of laser technology. Yueming Laser became one of the must visit booths at the exhibition.

Walk into the booth of Yueming Laser, observe the equipment, consult the process, and many customers have on-site proofing on the machine. The exquisite and perfect processing effect has won high praise from customers!

During the exhibition, Ms. He Ye, vice president of China National Light Industry Council and honorary president of China Sewing Machinery Association, led a team to visit the booth of Yueming Laser.

President He Ye learned about Yueming Laser's product research and development, core technology innovation, complete application of laser processing technology, etc.  Accompanied by Manager Xing, President He Ye focused on the lace vision laser cutting machine series, flexible fabric laser cutting machine series, CO2 three-axis dynamic laser marking machine and other product series. When President He Ye learned about the fruitful achievements of Yueming Laser in intelligent applications such as "integrating the Internet +" and "seamlessly connecting with the MES system" of laser equipment, especially many of these technologies are first appliedin China. President He Ye fully affirmed and encouraged the outstanding achievements of Yueming Laser.

During the exhibition, the China Garment Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Application Summit Forum, hosted by China Sewing Machinery Association and China Garment Association, and jointly organized by official units such as China Garment Science and Technology Research Institute, was held at the same time. Yueming Laser and more than 100 representatives from professional sewing machinery enterprises and garment enterprises participated in the forum. Work together to explore and improve the industrial application of sewing intelligent manufacturing, focus on market demand in subdivided fields, accelerate the development of digital solutions and popularize full-process intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment, and create a new fulcrum for collaborative innovation in the industrial chain and expansion of the dual-cycle market.

The awarding session of the forum, lace laser cutting machine from Yueming Laser won the "CISMA2021 Theme Demonstration Product" award for its remarkable advantages such as high intelligence, perfect cutting effect, labor saving, cost reduction and high efficiency.

During the four-day exhibition, the booth of Yueming Laser were always full of guests and friends. The experienced salespersons and engineers from the technical department, as well as all the leaders, came to the scene to help out and provided face-to-face professional services for the guests who came to consult.

At the exhibition, salespersons and engineers from Yueming introduced equipment, described techniques, and answered questions for the audience with their high and full service enthusiasm and professional and rigorous technical knowledge. The warm and harmonious on-site atmosphere provides an excellent laser experience.

Anchor high-end, ingenuity. In the future, Yueming Laser will give full play to its strong independent innovation ability and production strength, as well as its advantages such as complete product support and wide product line coverage, and cooperate with upstream and downstream supply chains to make joint efforts to promote the digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing of the sewing industry.

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